Hybrid Mail

Ekopost™ is a unique Hybrid Mail software. We are combining the latest technology within digital delivery with the possibility to send physical letters from your desktop PC.

With Ekopost Mail service you can print AND mail a letter for approximately the same price or less than the cost of a 2nd class stamp. A reduction in actual costs by as much as 50% and a signicicant reduction of you carbon footprint

It works by enabling users to send individual or multiple letters or documents created on any PC or laptop to a central print site via the internet. The finished letters are printed, merged with letters that printer has produced for other customers that day and sorted into order ready for posting.

Creating and sending office mail is efficient and easy with Ekopost software. Users submit print requests to an in-house print center or an off-site facility to manage printing, folding, inserting, sorting and optimize postal discounts, all from their desktops using the Ekopost™ software print driver.

Access the service using three possible access models:

Website access
Downloadable print driver access
Embedded software commonly referred to as an API (Application Program Interface)

All your data is highly encrypted and your information go directly to a highly secure print and mail facility. You can also track everything during and after delivery in the archive giving you full control.

Do you want to know more about how you can benefit from Ekopost™, please contact us.